Blogging has always been something that excited me, whether it be reading it or writing. Though I never took out the time to start one myself , but the idea was always alluring. The fact that you get to share your experiences and opinions with the world but at the same time reading about someone else’s perspectives and views was what drew me in. The joy of having your morning coffee, watching the rain hit the window in a moving car, observing someone in a market, making a purchase of an interesting item are all quite small things of life but blogging about them adds a lot of substance to such small things. It makes you appreciate the things you have. It makes you feel the gratitude and it is this gratitude that will lead you to the bigger things in life. Well, I am not that old to know about all of the difficulties that life projects at you, but I do know this much that no matter what happens, in the end your life goes on. For that minute it feels like the world has stopped turning , but taking it a day at a time helps. It really does. And soon you realise that you never had anything to worry about.

So that’s the reason why I started this blog to see where life takes me a day at a time . Because like a mountaineer, no matter how many hurdles you face on your way, if you have one goal set in your mind, to reach the top, it will be rewarding . You may have heard the saying sky is the limit. But I feel otherwise, go beyond the sky and see the magic that happens …