The Epitome Of Eternity


10 seasons, 236 episodes, 6 Friends…The ecstasy my heart was filled with when the beginnings of the tune ‘I’ll be there for you’ started to play is still something I clearly remember.The anticipation of watching the show, the plots, the twists, the hilarity are all the ingredients used to make one fun episode to watch. This is one show where you could just switch off, sit back and relax in your pajamas, curled up with a cup of tea, and tune out from the outside world, your daily dilemmas and stress on silent mode. It was an half an hour of your day where everything felt alright..

This show set a mood, talking about all the real problem people faced when they were in their 20s , all the way to their 30s. Relationships, friendship,family,jobs,kids,money are all the important factors in our life and these were most of the affairs brought up in this serial. It talked about the seriousness of life in the most humorous way possible. How one screws it up more than one can count in life, but how in the end it always turns out to be okay. How Joey struggled throughout the seasons, with ups and downs in his career yet always took out the time to relish in the simplicity of spending moments with his good old buddy Chandler. How Monica tried so hard to have everything in order, yet even there were times where she was in pieces. How Rachel had the most scattered life at first, but as she made her way through life, attaining maturity in the process, the extent of development and well roundness she nurtured. Ross was the most educated and smart out of all of them, yet he couldn’t apply that smartness in the choices he made in his personal life and most of the time ended up with a broken heart. How Phoebe struggled the most, be it being a street kid while growing up or being a masseues/guitarist yet she was always smiling because she knew the value of all the things she had in her life. How Chandler was the most unfortunate one with women, yet it paid of in the end when he got his epic love in the form of Monica .

They all were six different people with different backgrounds and beliefs yet they had a bond so deep that its durability, though tested many time, always came out to be positive.They, like all of us, were put through many hardships in life. In some cases they were victorious and others they weren’t, but they had one constant, and that was their loved ones, who they could always fall back on. Having a friend in your life, is like having a shadow and a mirror. A mirror never lies and a shadow never leaves

This drama, watched and passed from generations to generations as an heirloom, has maintained its charm and pizzazz till date, 12 years after it aired its last episode. It sets an example of the pure friendship and credence, that even long hours after the television has been turned off , those six smiling faces bring delight to its viewers…


7 thoughts on “The Epitome Of Eternity

  1. This show!!! I loved it so much, I really do feel I learned a lot from each and the show overall.
    Loved, “Having a friend in your life, is like having a shadow and a mirror. A mirror never lies and a shadow never leaves.” I had never thought of anything like this and it really makes sense. 🙂


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