Whatever happened to Chivalry? To opening the door, pulling out a chair, offering to lift bags, respectfully addressing ladies… Where have those days gone when men used to feel honored to even be in the presence of a female?

No matter where you go nowadays, all the men that you find around you don’t even have an ounce of chivalry left in them. Do you think its because they assume that the level and intensity with which women empowerment movements are rising nowadays, that women don’t feel like being treated like women anymore? Sure, women have become more independent now and don’t need a man to complete their life, but does that really serve as an excuse for men to act as if chivalry has gone because women don’t want it anymore?

I have seen so myself. Girls carrying heavy tables and chairs across rooms, with men just strolling past them, shutting the door behind them, even when their is a lady walking behind them. While I was walking on the street once, I saw my neighbor picking up the trash that had fallen on the ground due to her dog, and her son passed by to go out to play with his friends without glancing or offering to help his mother.

Ladies nowadays are associated with words like ‘bitch’ ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ for no reason at all or because of one dress they wear or one mistake they make. But being a ‘playboy’ ‘man-whore’and things of this sort, make boys “cool” Why is it so that we aren’t given the respect we once used to be showered with?

Paying the check in a restaurant, lifting their own shopping bags, opening up their own car doors are things girls are completely capable of doing yet when a man offers, its not called showing of their manhood or showing their superiority or dominance, at least not to the girl. Its called courtesy. Its called chivalry.

Being a gentleman makes you more appealing than showing of your money or your style. If you have the etiquette, any women would fall for you. That’s the thing that men don’t get. Its been turned into memes nowadays, about how irritating and intolerable ladies are, especially in India. These jokes may be funny, but you realize why they have been made in the first place? Its not to show that the lady is the boss, or how nagging she is. It is to show that when you are in a relationship with a girl, its a 50-50 contribution. Its not that once you’ve got the girl, you can take a backseat. You have to put in the same effort and treat her everyday as though you still have to impress her. There may be days when she doesn’t feel like give 50, maybe 30. That’s when you give 70 and the same goes if the situation is reversed.

So take your girl on a romantic dinner, bring groceries without your wife having to ask, make lunch when your wife doesn’t feel like, hold your girlfriend close even in public places. These acts don’t make you less of a man.. It makes you a gentleman.


3 thoughts on “Chivalry

  1. I relate chivalry to the Disney version of prince charming. Every girl (at least when they are younger) seeks the so called prince charming to come in a sweep her off her feet. But why would a so-called prince charming do such a thing when modern day ‘princesses’ are dressing like harlots, making nightly booty calls, and engaging in overall scandalous acts? To relate this post to your other post, for a chivalrous man, present day women need to be elegant; tactful. You can’t have one without the other. That’s just my two cents. 🙂

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