The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side

The grass is always green on the other side.

How many of us use this quote but can’t help but live a life in comparison to every one around us. That girl in your school who looks the prettiest, the grades of the topper in your class, the variety of things your friends have because their parents are rich, the kid that every teacher loves, your boss’ favorite employ, your neighbor’s new posh car….

The list is endless. Whenever you let your mind be free or empty, such thoughts start creeping in. Never being good enough, others thriving in their life, while you still seem to be stuck in the same place, are the worst things that a person can feel\or think.

Comparison is the biggest evil in anyone’s life. It prevents you from focusing on your life and concentrating more on others, tracking their every move like paparazzi. This is such an unhealthy habit. It not only makes you lose confidence in yourself but also, when these thoughts starts crowding your mind, it leaves no space for you to take up any useful or creative work.

Relationships, Friendships, Family and all of your loved ones become a victim to such a pointless argument. No one individual is the same. The main reason why one faces problems like jealousy, envy, resentment, spite is all because of self doubt. The minute something goes wrong in your life or you fail, you see that others are winning and you think’ Why is everything good happening in their life?’ But the reality is, how do you know? You can’t compare your behind the scenes to everyone else’s high reel. We are seeing that person succeed and reach that place and we feel insecure, but we have no idea about all the hard work they might have put in. The hard work that we should be willing to put in.

If Einstein had compared himself to Newton, who was one of the biggest scientist at his time and still is, would we have the theory of relativity today? He had the courage to go against whatever Newton had proposed. It was the total opposite of his theory!

Vera Wang worked under many fashion icons in her times, and did so all the way till she was 40. And today she is one of the biggest fashion designers in the world. When asked about her experience, she said’ Don’t be afraid to take the time to learn. Its good to work for other people. I worked for others for 20 years. I was paid to learn.’ When the thought of making a design of her own came to her mind, she could have easily said’ Who am I comparing myself to, they are great designers, I won’t stand a chance’ Yet she took the chance.

The series Vampire Diaries started about the same time Twilight had released, which had caused a frenzy all across the world. The creators could have might as well said’ No, we should not use this time to launch the show, otherwise we would be criticized and compared and called copycats.’We would have never known the sexy Damon, the compassionate Elena, and the caring Stefan. Instead they use it as their launch pad and made good use of the craze, and today the show is about to embark on its eight and final season.

Let these success stories be an example for you. All these people around the world could have just sat back and have had pity on their own life. They could have been jealous of their contemporaries. Yet they found the opening in their bad times, worked hard and set an example that they can become the greener side.

A flower never compares itself to another flower. It just blooms in light that the sun equally offers to everyone. Set a goal to overcome that hurdle, make your side greener. If everyone works towards this, the earth will be such a beautiful place, with not even a single dry patch left anywhere…


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