The Perks Of Being An Introvert

Have you ever felt held back because of never finding your voice to speak in new environments? Have you ever felt that you aren’t the best version of yourself because you never had the courage to accept all the opportunities presented to you?

Being an introvert in the new world is way more difficult one than being one in the olden ages. At that time, adults had the excuse of their financial situation for not taking up life-changing opportunities. But today… even people who live in slums are thriving in fields no one expected them to. If you aren’t succeeding, its because you never asked for the opportunities.  Being an introvert nowadays is looked down upon. They are considered rude, arrogant,ignorant,moody and a lot more. The working of an introvert’s mind can only be understood by another introvert. We wish for many things but don’t ask for it. We don’t want to go to parties but would love to be invited to one. We don’t want to hangout with our friends as often as one would expect but wold love some   quality time once in a while.  We aren’t those modern age girls who would have the courage to go and walk up to their crush and talk to them. Instead, we are those type who might have never even spoken to them but know everything about them because we are excellent observers.

The funny thing about introverts is that once you are congenial, they are the best company you will ever have. Its like a secret they are comfortable to share with only you, the secret being their personality. There is a misconception that once we are comfortable with people, we become a true extrovert. But I don’t think that is true. We definitely do open up with time but we do need breaks in between from all the social interactions. We are always ready for me time. We prefer our peace of mind million times more than a happening social life.

You might ask “If Introverts have so many requirements, what are the perks of being one then?” Well, we have a good set of merits as well.

You can never expect us to be fake, because we hate small talk. We respect and care for genuine people. Since we are great observers, we know more about a person, that when we actually talk to them, we already know a lot about them, which tends to put us as well as them at ease, because then we wouldn’t have to waste time with small talk. We are great listeners, hence, we make out to be the best friend anyone could ask for. Sometimes not talking gets you out of trouble than, notorious kids, who have a tendency to defend themselves and hence land themselves into more trouble. Introverts have an aura of mystery around them which draws people in. They make others around them inquisitive about how they are as a person.

Overthinking is our favorite pass time and solitude is where we find the time to curate our thoughts, to make sense of our past, present and future. We are big on the ‘what if’ scenarios. Give us one situation, and we can give you a hundred of outcomes that could have played out in our favor and against it as well.

That’s the thing about introverts, they are an embodiment of serenity and mayhem all wrapped in one. They are a conglomeration of a true human being…



3 thoughts on “The Perks Of Being An Introvert

  1. Awesome post! Really enjoyed reading it! My favorite part of being an introvert is being able to be on my own and not constantly needing people and it helps me be more sensitive towards other people and their feelings.

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