Unrequited Love

What if he is your Prince Charming but you are not his Cinderella?

Your eyes speak a thousand words but they so often go unheard. Your ears catch hold of innumerable secrets but they remain locked up in your hearts. Your lips wish to express a million words, but when the opportunity arrives, not even syllable agrees to leave. Well, that’s the thing about unrequited love. It is destined to face heartbreak.

In the book Symposium, written by Plato, he talks about how two human beings used to be a part as one whole, consisting of two heads, four legs and and fours arms. Due to some tragic encounter with The Greek God Zeus, they were split apart. And since then on, all wholes are born as separate individuals, always  in search for their ‘better half’ , without who they feel incomplete… It’s very rare… To find that kind of love. The kind that completes you.

But what about those one sided lovers…who just observe from a distance, who are happy seeing their beloved happy with some else as long as they are happy. What would you call this? Is true love letting go or fighting for it? Is true love not considered love if you don’t have the courage to ask for it?

The good ones still go after the bad ones. Do you know why? We accept the love we think we deserve.I have been one to keep my feelings to myself too and I know how it feels… The feeling might kill you sometimes but you know what keeps me going? There was this quote I once read’Don’t worry about her.. I am saving her for someone special’ and then it just clicked. Though you can never get over your feelings for that someone , who says you have to stop loving yourself in the process. The journey to self-discovery is such a beautiful one. Don’t run after love, and it will come after you. Patience is always rewarded. So keep going my friend, appreciate the simple things in life and in the end, they end up being the big things….


8 thoughts on “Unrequited Love

  1. Great post. As someone who has suffered through unrequited love in the past, I wasn’t able to think in your perspective at that time. “Though you can never get over your feelings for that someone , who says you have to stop loving yourself in the process” makes so much sense. I wished you would have wrote this post earlier so that I could read it haha.

    But I’m glad that I’ve read it now. I ended up with an all new perspective. Once again, great post!

    Sloth Truly,


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