The crunch of the leaves as you take your feet forward one at a time, the wind that pushes your hair out of your face, the warm light that falls on your face, the discovery of places you have never been to and might never go to again..

I remember going to this Tibetan monastery I had just stopped at, on the outskirts of Kodagu district of Karnataka. I am ardent photographer and love taking my camera everywhere I go. But when I entered this monastery, I was rendered speechless. I forgot all about taking pictures(only for a while). There were three magnificent statues of Buddha right in front of me, decked in different colors from top to bottom. Right in front of them were low-leveled tables , which were used by the monks for eating, studying and things of that sort. Around me , people were chatting, clicking selfies, strolling about. Some were there , just sitting in the corner taking in everything around them. This diversity of people found in a spot like this is what is the difference between a tourist and an explorer.

Travelling is like meditation. It takes you to a whole new level. All you can hear is the thumping of your heart, and your scattered thoughts coming together, in one form.The serenity and calmness that you get from travelling place to place is found in no other activity.

Its not necessary that you travel to places like Paris, Italy or Iceland to get such an euphoric feeling. This joy can also be experienced by going for a stroll in your neighborhood, walking that one extra mile which you never generally do or going to the monuments found in your area with a new perspective of going to those spots which the travel guide doesn’t take you to. You don’t have to be rich to travel, all you need is the desire, the want to learn something new. The ability to see whatever you see in the most vulnerable way that you can imagine. To turn what you are seeing, into a moment to cherish.

Pictures found on Tumblr and Pinterest can allure you to embark on an adventure, but it all comes down to you when you actually go to that place. You need to shut yourself from the world and adept to get lost in the beauty and transcendence that nature has to offer. And if you can do so, then hats-off, because not everyone has that ability. Keep that spark alive in you and never let it extinguish, even till the day you are 90, because it is the body that grows old, not the soul..

Find a beautiful place and get lost…


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