Dreams are things we get in the night when we go to sleep. Sometimes these are really creative and exciting and sometimes they scare the life out of us because they seem so real. Sometimes when the intensity of it increases so much, it turns into a nightmare.

Our day is guided by these very dreams we experience . A good dream gives you a good start for the day and keeps you motivated throughout. A dreamless sleep is comfortable and cushy, leaving you awake and happy but only for a short term whereas a nightmare keeps you agitated the whole day, rendering you restless…

These descriptions of our one-time dreams actually apply to our life-long goals and aspirations as well. We all have that one dream, which we believe will make us feel that       ‘ Yes, I have made it.’ It is that one phrase that keeps us inspired to work hard with determination and perseverance.

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. There will be many realists who will look down upon your dreams and say you expect too much. Don’t listen to them. They think too small. Appreciate the fact that your brain has enough space to dream big as well as plan your process towards achieving it. You have to dream at first to achieve your dreams.

While crossing a road with the green light on and no zebra-crossing, you have to be confidant and rely on yourself that you would get to the other side. You can’t let your legs falter even for a minute because if they do, then well… you’re dead..

Our life is exactly like these roads with cars that will never stop. These hurdles will keep coming at you and with full speed, you need to focus your attention on one thing, and that is to get to the other side of the road. There is no option to give up mid-way because life will keep moving on. Time stops for no one. YOUR DREAMS won’t stop for you as well.

If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs, is something Tony Gaskins has rightly said. Never ever give up hope. Because it is this hope that things will be better is what should and will drive you.

A life without a dream, is a life wasted. Those who never dream, will never truly know what contentment feels like, what achievement feels like. They will always feel this void. The feeling of something missing. I hope there is no one out there like that, because believe me when I say this if the only reason why you don’t want to dream or have the courage to dream is because of no support, remember that I believe in you. I know you will achieve what you want to and will thrive in all facets in life. I believe in you.

For a minute, just stop and be grateful for all the things you have, some of these things are that other people can only dream of . Being thankful for what you have is great but settling for less and not trying to achieve what you deserve is wrong. Never let go of your dreams. Follow them, they know the way. It will fill your heart with joy and happiness and you will truly feel at home. Dreamland isn’t a just a fictional place anymore. It is reality. And you know what’s the best part? Everyone gets to have their own…



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