The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Admit it. We all have had that feeling of not being good enough. The feeling of passing by almost everyone and thinking ‘She is good looking’ That feeling of being ugly will never fade, no matter how many compliments you get. You know the truth. That momentary happiness cannot override that sinking feeling of seeing guys ogle over another girl or girls complimenting some guy. It sucks. Period.

Now one thing that comes along with the feeling of being ugly is the tendency to accept what we think we deserve. We end up liking a guy for all the wrong reasons. We like someone we know would never notice us. We like that guy who we know would never look our way. In this process, unknowingly someone causes us so much pain that we can’t ever express it in a few words. Why do we always fall for the bad guy? Why do we like players, bad boys, playboys?? Why can’t we see their nature? Why is there always this one spark of hope in our soul that says behind all that facade lies a guy who I know is good. Why do we imagine life to be a Wattpad story when ,in reality, it actually isn’t?

We yearn for them, our actions are unintentionally intended to to gain their attention. One word they say to us, makes our day. And don’t get me started on that feeling when they look at you…

The thing about life is that we never want the good one. No one likes a monotonous life. Everyone wants adventure, passion, ambition, danger… These are the sort of things that exhilarate us to such a high level. These are the things to live by. The unpredictability of life is where the whole beauty lies…

The good boy would take you to meet his parents, he would take you on beautiful dates, he would get you flowers, he would always be there for you. But you know what sort of a scene am I describing?An Utopian one. A cliche..

No one wants a cliche… everyone imagines having one but then where’s the fun in that. A good girl wants a bad boy who is only good for her and a bad boy wants a good girl who is only bad for him..

All those girls out there, I know you will not admit it but no matter how much anyone one says, this insecurity of being ugly will never go.. This feeling is one to last. All I am saying is find a guy who makes you feel worth something. Accept a guy because you know you deserve him, don’t stoop down because of your beauty, taking any sort of nonsense from anyone. The surface of the ocean may be sparkling and beautiful, but it is what lies underneath it that fascinates people and draws them in..

There are poems inside you that even paper can’t handle. Be your own kind of beautiful….




A thankful heart is a magnet of miracles.

With Thanksgiving having just passed, it left me pondering about how many things we receive in our daily life that we don’t stop and thank God for? It is only in times of needs that we bow down but when life is going great, we forget to take the moment and look up in happiness

John F.Kennedy has rightly said’As we express our gratitude, we must never forget the highest form of appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them’

We go through life, expecting so many things, things that could change our life for the better, and by chance when we get them due to the fruitful hours that we put in, we get so lost in this whirlwind. Some people loose their foothold, and stumble down, hard.

Having gratitude keeps us grounded. It reminds us of all the things we have , and once didn’t. It turns what we have into enough. It reminds us how much we have to still achieve and how much hard work is still left for it.

It is itself a wish that allows us to appreciate and recognize the big things, and all the little things it comprises of.

For one minute walk outside. Stand there in silence. Look up at the sky and contemplate how amazing life is. Look at the gift lying right in front of you. Unwrap it with great care. People tend to forget to send the thank you card after one receives it. Don’t be that person. Adapt this attitude. It might just change your life.

So..what are you grateful for today?

This Transient Life

The sun loves the moon so much that it dies every night for it to catch a breath of air…

Life is ephemeral. Death is inevitable. These are two universal facts no one can deny. We keep on living each day as it comes. Some people like planning everything to its last details,  while some like getting up in the morning having no idea where they would be at the end of the day. They prefer their destiny to be their tour guide through this journey called life..

We tend to forget what our purpose was when we were born into this blue planet. We forget that we weren’t given our life to pay bills and feel remorse. We forget we aren’t here to waste our time over petty things but to look at the bigger picture..

The conventional norms of this society tether us to the shore so tightly that we can’t brake free and explore the sea even if we wanted to. Our wings are cut of and we are taught do the same thing that everyone is doing. Study consistently till you are 17, go to college for 4 years-in the case of girls if they don’t want to, get married- get a job, have kids and then wait for the angel of death to lead you to the doors of heaven or hell, depending upon the karmas you have performed throughout you life…

What a banal life! We are HUMANS!! God has given us the opportunity to be the superior species in this world.. We have lost the meaning behind these words long ago. Someone once told me “Why do we just waste our time eating, sleeping and mating? These are the same things that animals do.. We call ourselves ‘evolved’..well, clearly!” Our purpose, our ambition should be and is something else altogether.

People like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam are of such great acclaim. They too started off from no where. They realized that they were out of the ordinary. They realize that they were here to make a mark in the world history.YOU too have that potential. And if you think you don’t or no one has ever seen it in you, I DO! Believe me when I say this.. everyone has something profound that they can add into this world. And it is this addition that makes this planet remarkable. That makes our species august.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself. Its like a road trip.It is about meeting all those people who taught you lessons and those who you decide to take along.It is about learning to walk on smooth surfaces as well as pick your way through the rough ones. It is about learning to brave any weather; It is about dancing in the rain, basking in the sun, embracing the wind, breathing in the snow. It is about understanding the hindrances to climb a hill and to comprehend the speed with which it can go down. It is about stopping on the way to make memories, to live, to find love, to give love, to go crazy, to let go and to feel…anything.

This will happen if you appreciate the value of what you have and what you will get it. In the end it is not the years in your life that count but the life in your years. Make it a good one!

The Power Of Words

Only speak when what you have to say can improve the silence, if not, then the sound of silence is not that bad.

The mindless chattering, the useless gossiping are all a part of today’s world. People have fun discussing the lives of others or  about the materialistic objects available to us in abundance. The times when people used to share ideas, when people used to talk about having a better tomorrow  or having a peaceful today is gone.

People use words like toys. They play around with them, without realising that if used in the wrong way, it may hurt anyone, or at times even themselves. The ability to think before you speak has become another quality which only our ancestors possessed, like huge ears. The extinction of their attribute has actually become an consequence of evolution. Ironically, with the amount of time people spend talking nowadays, we are in desperate need of those huge ears to grasp all the matters of the world.

Phrases like ‘I love you’ ‘Slut’ ‘Bitch’ ‘I hate you’ ‘ I never want to see you again’ are thrown around in the air, like throwing food at people in a food fight. It’s value is not understood until after it has left your mouth. The emotions behind these words have lost their meaning. Few words can crush your soul and few can give you hope for life again. But who to believe? Who has the will power to trust everything that anyone says to them?

When in a relationship, people profess their feelings of love within two days of their acquaintance. Based on small spats, they end up saying things they don’t mean. Not being able to say the right thing at the right time can lead to years of misery and pain and at times the loss at a chance at living a life of  true happiness      

Selfishness has become second nature to everyone nowadays,. Doing something for anyone without having anything in it for you is next to impossible.. There is no place for simplicity anymore. No place for naive people . People twist their words to get into jobs, to make excuses and what not. Being true to yourself and the people around you isn’t appreciated anymore. 

Diplomacy is what is ruling the world and is what will continue to rule the world. I don’t know what has happened to that place where everyone used to stay in peace with each other? Was that Eutopia? Is this my innocence that I ever thought such a place existed.

Use your words to make an impact, use your words to profess your true feelings, use your words for what you believe in..

Don’t lets this beautiful ability that we have of speaking, be eroded with this thing, which otherwise is definitely something of great importance,  called evolution. I know change is the only constant, but language is something that is eternal. The words that you use define you and your personality. Set an example for the coming generations so that when they look back to this era, they realise what a beautiful place they live in and how lucky they are….

Winter Wonderland

Its that time of the year again when all the comfy clothes are out.Blankets, sweaters, socks, pajamas, warmers. What bliss! All those full sleeved, beautiful clothes.

Its that time of the year were all you feel like doing is cuddling up next to the fire with loved ones, or a with a book in hand, or a nice noir-film or chick flick on.

Its that time of the year where going out is a boon and a bane. A boon because the picturesque view renders you gaping at your surrounding and a bane as well because, obviously, the shivers and tremors!!!

This season, what I can’t seem to get enough of, is me associating it with only one word.. Magical.. Its just something in the air, something about the way it makes you feel, the warmth it brews in you, ironically freezing you into an icicle from the outside.

Its the best time of the year to stay in with your loved ones and catch up. The best part of it is that, its very windy during this time of the year, thus TV cables and Internet lines tend to get hindered, thus, pulling everyone out of their screens and actually talking to people face to face and not just through Snapchat or Facetime.

In Winter, snowflakes are kisses sent from heaven. Its a method used by God to make us appreciate the warmth of summers, it makes us realize the other side to things.

Winter is a time for a lot of self introspection as well, thus you can grow as a human being.. Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers. I love this weather and I can’t seem to be getting enough of it!


The Outcast

How bad it feels when you go to a party because your friends insisted, and then you end up standing alone, eating or drinking something, looking for someone to talk, know this would happen. When you are a part of a club because it is your passion, but the other people in it are not the type you would hang out with, and they are the ones that run the club and its rules. When you are supposed to play a game needing teams, and you are the last one picked. When you have to pair up for a project, and you are the one left partner less..

Being an outcast is something not everyone can experience, and those who don’t will never know the feeling of being one. Outcasts are seen as rude , arrogant people who are not interested in interacting with anyone and shy away from social gatherings. Their friends don’t understand them and their parents think they don’t try hard enough. They are constantly misunderstood and thus they feel that why do the even try so hard when in the end it won’t even matter.

Weirdos, Geeks, Nerds, Pariahs are common names which we are used to. Why can’t these be replaced with Special, Unique, Extraordinary, Prodigy? Why can’t being an outcast be associated with being someone prolific, something beautiful…

Outcasts have a hidden advantage, a hidden potential which they themselves don’t realize.Even I didn’t. We can see the world from a whole new perspective. We aren’t busy mingling, thus we can see how others behave when they are. We have time to think. We have time for ideas. We have the time to ponder on the things that already exist.

Do you think people like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Stephan Hawking would have become what they become if they were the popular people, if they felt included?

Shakira was told that she sang like a Walrus, Walt Disney’s ideas were rejected more than you could count, Oprah Winfrey was told that she wasn’t fit for TV, Obama ran for president, knowing that he had very little chance of winning. These people could do it, why can’t you?

They had the ability to think differently, because they were different, and who says being different is bad.

So its okay if they forget your name, its okay if they forget to count you, its okay if they forget you exist. Because as Johnny Depp has rightly said ‘One day the people that didn’t believe in you will tell everyone how they met you…’


How terrifying it is to love someone whom death can touch…

We see many people in our everyday life. Some may be strangers, some acquaintances, some friends, some family, and some who we love more than anything. It is these people who may not be on this earth 50 years from now, maybe 10, or even tomorrow. And we know that. Death is inevitable. It is an universal fact. Then why is it that the loss of someone affects us so deeply? This catastrophe renders us lifeless or numb at times

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;They have their exits and their entrances,And one man in his time plays many parts,” is something Shakespeare has rightly said. We all have different roles to play in everyone’s life. Our absence means something to people. There may be no single thing that can teach us more about life than death. It activates destruction and creation.

If life is light, then death is darkness. If life is happiness, death is sorrow. If life is love, then death is.. even more. These two opposite forces yearn so much to be with each other that when one touches the other, it extinguishes their presence all together.

Heaven and Hell are two concepts quite widely attached to Death. Its fear or its want is what drives many people in daily life. It controls how they behave. Death isn’t about attaining the comforts of heaven, or running away from having to rot in hell. It is about finding peace and making peace with all those around you. When one is nearing old age, it is not that they should choose that time to start being caring and compassionate to people. Be this person throughout your life. It is not to have a beautiful afterlife, it is to have a beautiful life, and we only have certainty of this one, so why not be our best here?

Death of someone we know, helps us experience things we never thought possible before. It gives some people a chance to begin anew, or it gives someone a different perspective of life. It makes us realize the value of our life and that we only have one.So eat that candy, go on a world tour, talk to that one guy you see everyday on the train, buy those expensive shoes. Instead of making a list of ‘Things To Do Before I Die’ make a ‘Things To Do Because I Live’ It helps you appreciate what you have and what you have the courage to ask for.

Celebrate life before you have to meet your ultimate end. Because on your death bed there should just be one thought looming in your head, and that is ‘I made it…’

The Beauty Of Elegance

Audrey Hepburn, a lady of great class, is remembered till date for this very quality. It is her elegance that got her roped into many movies, beauty came along with the package.She is an epitome of glamour. A true enchantress.. Breakfast At Tiffany’s is a true classic, but the scene of her standing in front of Tiffany’s in that gorgeous black dress, sets the mood for the whole movie..

Elegance is not looking beautiful. It is the confidence to carry yourself, knowing you are beautiful even if the world does not say so. Elegance is not the clothes you wear. It is the ability to show what suits best on you without needing to reveal your skin. Elegance is not talking in a slow and delicate manner. It is the use of a language that blissfully brings out the art in it, which people have stopped noticing.

If you closely notice the girls of today’s generation, you may see one common aspect. It is that they are quite desperate for attention. I am not saying that all girls are so.. There are just certain girls in the society that taint the the overall image of a woman. Thus, men seem to treat and respect all of us in the same way that they do them.

The darker the makeup gets, the shorter the clothes become, the higher the heels rise, the faster is that charm disappearing. Girls nowadays have seem to lost respect in the beauty of grace and poise. They have lost the essence of who they truly are. They no more know the feeling of what it’s like to feel beautiful, because in order to do so, you are supposed to love yourself, which seems to be becoming very hard..

There are many ladies, who want the attention of men, and can do just about anything to get it, even if they lose themselves on the way. They laugh at their jokes, they hang out at places they don’t prefer, and do just about anything to please the male species.We females waste our time crying over love, and sorrow and the break-up which we apparently, if I may quote ‘will never get over’ Why is it so that girls are ready to give themselves over so quickly and easily? Don’t be a girl who needs a man, but the girl a man needs.Happiness is being less concerned with the approval of others and with your own satisfaction instead.

The aura of a woman is in the mystery she maintains throughout her life. In this era of the social media take-over, maintaining that enigma can be quite difficult. Everything is out in the open. In order to draw in a man, you do not have to allure them, instead make yourself appealing, and in order for that to happen, work on pleasing yourself and feeding your soul. Always remember, beauty fades, but elegance never does.

Simplicity is very hard to find today, in an arena of extroverts.. Be that girl.. be that one true love to someone…even if its you yourself for a while. Because believe me, once that process is over, the presence of a man in your life will be duly welcomed by your heart, and if not then, well, you never needed one anyway..