The Beauty Of Elegance

Audrey Hepburn, a lady of great class, is remembered till date for this very quality. It is her elegance that got her roped into many movies, beauty came along with the package.She is an epitome of glamour. A true enchantress.. Breakfast At Tiffany’s is a true classic, but the scene of her standing in front of Tiffany’s in that gorgeous black dress, sets the mood for the whole movie..

Elegance is not looking beautiful. It is the confidence to carry yourself, knowing you are beautiful even if the world does not say so. Elegance is not the clothes you wear. It is the ability to show what suits best on you without needing to reveal your skin. Elegance is not talking in a slow and delicate manner. It is the use of a language that blissfully brings out the art in it, which people have stopped noticing.

If you closely notice the girls of today’s generation, you may see one common aspect. It is that they are quite desperate for attention. I am not saying that all girls are so.. There are just certain girls in the society that taint the the overall image of a woman. Thus, men seem to treat and respect all of us in the same way that they do them.

The darker the makeup gets, the shorter the clothes become, the higher the heels rise, the faster is that charm disappearing. Girls nowadays have seem to lost respect in the beauty of grace and poise. They have lost the essence of who they truly are. They no more know the feeling of what it’s like to feel beautiful, because in order to do so, you are supposed to love yourself, which seems to be becoming very hard..

There are many ladies, who want the attention of men, and can do just about anything to get it, even if they lose themselves on the way. They laugh at their jokes, they hang out at places they don’t prefer, and do just about anything to please the male species.We females waste our time crying over love, and sorrow and the break-up which we apparently, if I may quote ‘will never get over’ Why is it so that girls are ready to give themselves over so quickly and easily? Don’t be a girl who needs a man, but the girl a man needs.Happiness is being less concerned with the approval of others and with your own satisfaction instead.

The aura of a woman is in the mystery she maintains throughout her life. In this era of the social media take-over, maintaining that enigma can be quite difficult. Everything is out in the open. In order to draw in a man, you do not have to allure them, instead make yourself appealing, and in order for that to happen, work on pleasing yourself and feeding your soul. Always remember, beauty fades, but elegance never does.

Simplicity is very hard to find today, in an arena of extroverts.. Be that girl.. be that one true love to someone…even if its you yourself for a while. Because believe me, once that process is over, the presence of a man in your life will be duly welcomed by your heart, and if not then, well, you never needed one anyway..


20 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Elegance

  1. Hey, I’ve found my way over here via the Community Pool page (a great idea). I’ve got a few constructive comments for you, hope that’s okay :). Firstly, I think the concept of the post is great, Elegance is a really thought-provoking topic and everyone will have different perspectives on it. In terms of feedback, making sure your grammar is super sharp always makes a post more attractive and easier to read. I completely agree that girls should focus on self-improvement over male attention, but perhaps you contradict yourself when you argue that “Elegance is not the clothes you wear” and then say then focus on clothes becoming shorter. Are you arguing elegance is portrayed through your physical appearance or rather your spiritual one? Perhaps something to clear up. I think your ideas are really promising here, so well done and keep up the good work.


    1. Thank you for the feedback! I will surely keep that mind in my next post! I just wanted to clarify that the clothes you wear don’t define who you are. Its your personality. But girls nowadays seem to think that these pieces of material are the only beauty that is left to show the world

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  2. All I can say is WOW. I found this was so well written and you created powerful visuals.
    Awesome stuff!
    I found you on Community pool, it is such a great way to discover what other bloggers are doing creatively with their blogs. I was wondering if it was possible for you to read one of my blogs at I’ve just started out and would love to get some feedback on my writing.

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