Winter Wonderland

Its that time of the year again when all the comfy clothes are out.Blankets, sweaters, socks, pajamas, warmers. What bliss! All those full sleeved, beautiful clothes.

Its that time of the year were all you feel like doing is cuddling up next to the fire with loved ones, or a with a book in hand, or a nice noir-film or chick flick on.

Its that time of the year where going out is a boon and a bane. A boon because the picturesque view renders you gaping at your surrounding and a bane as well because, obviously, the shivers and tremors!!!

This season, what I can’t seem to get enough of, is me associating it with only one word.. Magical.. Its just something in the air, something about the way it makes you feel, the warmth it brews in you, ironically freezing you into an icicle from the outside.

Its the best time of the year to stay in with your loved ones and catch up. The best part of it is that, its very windy during this time of the year, thus TV cables and Internet lines tend to get hindered, thus, pulling everyone out of their screens and actually talking to people face to face and not just through Snapchat or Facetime.

In Winter, snowflakes are kisses sent from heaven. Its a method used by God to make us appreciate the warmth of summers, it makes us realize the other side to things.

Winter is a time for a lot of self introspection as well, thus you can grow as a human being.. Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers. I love this weather and I can’t seem to be getting enough of it!



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