This Transient Life

The sun loves the moon so much that it dies every night for it to catch a breath of air…

Life is ephemeral. Death is inevitable. These are two universal facts no one can deny. We keep on living each day as it comes. Some people like planning everything to its last details,  while some like getting up in the morning having no idea where they would be at the end of the day. They prefer their destiny to be their tour guide through this journey called life..

We tend to forget what our purpose was when we were born into this blue planet. We forget that we weren’t given our life to pay bills and feel remorse. We forget we aren’t here to waste our time over petty things but to look at the bigger picture..

The conventional norms of this society tether us to the shore so tightly that we can’t brake free and explore the sea even if we wanted to. Our wings are cut of and we are taught do the same thing that everyone is doing. Study consistently till you are 17, go to college for 4 years-in the case of girls if they don’t want to, get married- get a job, have kids and then wait for the angel of death to lead you to the doors of heaven or hell, depending upon the karmas you have performed throughout you life…

What a banal life! We are HUMANS!! God has given us the opportunity to be the superior species in this world.. We have lost the meaning behind these words long ago. Someone once told me “Why do we just waste our time eating, sleeping and mating? These are the same things that animals do.. We call ourselves ‘evolved’..well, clearly!” Our purpose, our ambition should be and is something else altogether.

People like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Abdul Kalam are of such great acclaim. They too started off from no where. They realized that they were out of the ordinary. They realize that they were here to make a mark in the world history.YOU too have that potential. And if you think you don’t or no one has ever seen it in you, I DO! Believe me when I say this.. everyone has something profound that they can add into this world. And it is this addition that makes this planet remarkable. That makes our species august.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself. Its like a road trip.It is about meeting all those people who taught you lessons and those who you decide to take along.It is about learning to walk on smooth surfaces as well as pick your way through the rough ones. It is about learning to brave any weather; It is about dancing in the rain, basking in the sun, embracing the wind, breathing in the snow. It is about understanding the hindrances to climb a hill and to comprehend the speed with which it can go down. It is about stopping on the way to make memories, to live, to find love, to give love, to go crazy, to let go and to feel…anything.

This will happen if you appreciate the value of what you have and what you will get it. In the end it is not the years in your life that count but the life in your years. Make it a good one!


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