Tale As Old As Time..

When you read the title, what comes to you mind? Is it the image of a fairytale? Of a beauty dancing with her beast? Isn’t it magical? Imagining such true and pure love to exist out there somewhere? Doesn’t it give you hope for tomorrow? Hope for a better life? 

Falling in love is like being hit by a ball. It comes out of nowhere and snatches the ground underneath your feet. It makes you feel dizzy, like you are in some other world. And it stays like that for sometime, that is until reality sets in and leaves pain in its wake…

But it’s not true in all cases. The examples of true love all over the world are many, but there are only few who can stick to it. Being in love with someone is not just saying you do and buying them gifts and hugging and kissing them. It’s much more than that. 

Being there for them in their hardest times, staying with them after hearing their darkest secrets, supporting their choices, yet explaining to them things for their own good. Just being a pillar of strength. That’s all.

Being loyal and honest. These are two very small words, but their meaning has the power to take a relationship in a whole different direction. When I was around 7 years old, I used to think why would anyone ever need a reason to lie? Why would anyone refrain themselves from telling the truth? My path from them to now has made me realise that you can’t stay in this world with such naive thoughts. You have to lie if you never want to get hurt or hurt someone else. Now that I am almost turning 17, I have realised this should still hold true! There is no such thing as lying to someone for their own good. They will eventually find out! So why bother to hide something that will sooner or later inflict pain? 

Being loyal requires great will power and this energy comes depending on how much you love that one person you want to be loyal for. It depends on you being ready to sacrifice everything if it would help them. It is really asking a lot from you, but I can guarantee that even in the absence of those things, if you have given up a lot for that one person, in your time of need, only they would be standing with you you. 

Why is it that people have ceased to believe in the presence of fairy tales? Why do they believe that those only exist in books and movies for young girls? I mean obviously there won’t be a guy riding in a horse to fetch you from a castle, because , come one, not all of us are that rich(if some of you are then, you are in even more luck!) But when he comes to fetch you from your office, to surprise you, or she cooks your favourite dish, when he calls on a bad day, or when she puts in the effort to look good while you go out, these are all the things  that fill up the pages of your book, which in the end becomes a fairytale. All these emotions and actions rise out due to the love. 

You can find it. I’m sure of it. When you look into that person’s eyes and you find home. When you see that smile and realise you could and would do for anything for it  to stay there. When you hear them laugh and know that it is the sweetest and harmonious sound you have and will ever hear. When you see those tears spoiling the art that is their face, you know you would do anything for it to disappear. When you see them when they are ill , and worry yourself sick. Then you know it’s love! If these are not the moments you find beautiful, and transcendent, what is? 

Ross and Rachel, Harry and Sally, Augustus and Hazel, Damon and Elena, Chandler and Monica, Barack and Michelle Obama….. These people are an epitome of love and of magic. Never let that magic go! 

Fight for the fairytale. It does exist! 


It’s Time To Begin

Albert Einstein once said ‘ You have to learn the rules of the game and the you have to play better than anyone else.’ Have you ever felt that your bucket list is forever growing but you don’t have the time or the money or the chance to even start it? Do you have the time to eat? Yes. Time to shower? Yes. Time to sleep? Yes. Why do you do all these things? To live right? Because if not then you would die or its not acceptable. But do you know what it means to live? It means to remain alive. That’s the thing my friend. ¬†Can you guarantee me you are alive right now?

Being alive means doing something that makes you happy. It means discovering new things, trying things you always wished for but thought that you could never be capable of. How many times have you thought ‘my new year’s resolution would be to exercise daily and eat healthy or maybe read the news everyday or maybe be grateful for one thing?’ How many times have you stuck to it for all those 365 days? I’m sure a majority of you would give answers in negative. But have you ever wondered why it doesn’t work? Instead of reading memes and laughing at the tragedy that is the end result of such high and mighty resolutions, have you ever felt inquisitive as to why doesn’t it work out?

I believe because when we hear an idea of a’new beginning’ or a ‘new chance’, it seems very promising. It seems as though it may be a new ray of hope for a better tomorrow. And this is where all that pressure starts. The pressure that we can’t mess up. The pressure that we won’t be good enough. This is why most of them end in failure. But do you know why some succeed? Its because they have the will-power and determination to not let such petty things get in the way. They don’t get distracted and always have this outlook that if not today than maybe tomorrow. We have been given this gift of life with numerous days to make something out of. Why do we always talk about the glass either being half empty or half full? Why don’t we realize that the glass is refillable??

We need to understand one thing. Sometimes you need a second chance because you weren’t quite ready for the first. The second time round you already know what to do and what not do. Instead what you do now will be 10 times better than what you had done during the first time. In this way the taste of success is even sweeter. It makes you believe that if you want it bad, the whole universe will help you attain it.

So now that you know the rule from the first experience, play the game with such confidence, that all those who are involved will think of you as the inventor. It all come down to how well you trick someone. How well can you play, that the game turns to favor you?

The Pursuit Of hAPPINESS

Happiness. How many different definitions exist for this 9-letter word.. Some see it in the smile of a new-born, some see it in shoes, some see it in love, others in life…

Happiness is unattainable. This is something very few people may understand. There will always be something that will upset us or bother us. No one can always be happy. Life will always have its ups and downs, if not then either you aren’t growing as a person or you are dead.

This movie, starring Will Smith, is one that would bring tears to anyone’s eyes! It almost did to mine. Almost. This movie talks about how in life you will never truly be happy. Happiness is a relative term. Some people have everything but no inner peace which might be happiness for them whereas some people have nothing yet are surrounded with loved ones and that’s all that matters.

Happiness is being the sunshine in your own darkness and sometimes if you are kind ¬†enough, be the sunshine to someone else’s as well. This world lacks people who give off positive vibes. It lacks people who know how to add life to days. Our days are happier when we give people a piece of our heart than a piece of our mind..

This movie also taught me to believe in dreams, no matter how out of our reach it may seem. Dreams are meant to take us on tireless paths and difficult roads. If you had the will to aspire for a particular goal, then you definitely have the strength to reach it and go way beyond. Always aim for the moon, if you miss , you will land among the stars.

‘Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it’-Will Smith

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.. No one can take it away from you!