The Pursuit Of hAPPINESS

Happiness. How many different definitions exist for this 9-letter word.. Some see it in the smile of a new-born, some see it in shoes, some see it in love, others in life…

Happiness is unattainable. This is something very few people may understand. There will always be something that will upset us or bother us. No one can always be happy. Life will always have its ups and downs, if not then either you aren’t growing as a person or you are dead.

This movie, starring Will Smith, is one that would bring tears to anyone’s eyes! It almost did to mine. Almost. This movie talks about how in life you will never truly be happy. Happiness is a relative term. Some people have everything but no inner peace which might be happiness for them whereas some people have nothing yet are surrounded with loved ones and that’s all that matters.

Happiness is being the sunshine in your own darkness and sometimes if you are kind  enough, be the sunshine to someone else’s as well. This world lacks people who give off positive vibes. It lacks people who know how to add life to days. Our days are happier when we give people a piece of our heart than a piece of our mind..

This movie also taught me to believe in dreams, no matter how out of our reach it may seem. Dreams are meant to take us on tireless paths and difficult roads. If you had the will to aspire for a particular goal, then you definitely have the strength to reach it and go way beyond. Always aim for the moon, if you miss , you will land among the stars.

‘Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. When people can’t do something themselves, they’re gonna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something, go get it’-Will Smith

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.. No one can take it away from you!


3 thoughts on “The Pursuit Of hAPPINESS

  1. Happiness! Some can find it in everything and some, in nothing. Though, I’ve not watched the movie but I’ll now. From this post, I can tell one can learn the pursuit of happiness. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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