Here’s To Those Who Dream

To those who have the power to carry a vision. For those who have the will to chase after what they believe in. To those who are not scared of the outcome but are excited for the process. Here’s to those who want to fail, who want to be humiliated, who want to be broken, who want to fall only to stand up again.

These people are the ones you should be scared of, because they bring creativity in mundane things. They think differently and are always brimming with idea.

They are awake till the wee hours of the night. They find beauty in the silence of that time. It’s for poets, photographers, writers, painters, artists…

Dreamers are fools they say. Magic is fantasy they say. Then how is it that Philippe Petit walked on a thin line of wire between the twin towers? How did Adbul Kalam become the 11th President on India when he just hailed from a small village of Rameswaram?

In this world everyone wants magical solutions to all their problems yet they refuse to believe in magic…

Dream on… Believe… They say sky is the limit, then how are there footprints on the moon….
Here’s to those who dream!


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