Still Believe In Love

I lie here in this dark room

The warmth of the bed staying longer than he did

He walked away before I could even say

How much he meant, how much he didn’t 

The night at the carnival was beautiful

Lights hiding the darkness that we were

The roller coaster went up 

But all we did was fall down 

I learnt of his deeds or the lack of them
He questioned my every move 

Even when it was all for him

Why didn’t he see? 

That he was all for me

But when it came to who I was to him, 

The silence filled the void he left behind

I loved his words, his smile, the way he felt like paradise

He hated my guts, my will, the way I earned more than him

One day it all changed, or I guess it was before then

My belief and innocence kept us strong 

But they were the very things that were so wrong

He was toxic, I was bliss, he was a drug while I was his medicine

He told me what I was since day one

I twisted his words, till I was done

With his actions, with his ego

I tried to hold on, till I couldn’t anymore

I now get up and look next to me

To see a body filled with life as much as a stone

The light had left, a soul had gone

To a place mentioned in not many songs

They enter to take him away,

They look at me feeling sorry

They think it was the overdose that killed him 

But I know it was the under dose, the emptiness that really did

I walk out, not knowing where to go

I still believe there is something better out there

Believe there is something good

Even with all I have gone through

I still believe in love


10 thoughts on “Still Believe In Love

  1. That was really amazing post….. Really loved reading it… Beautifully penned and portrayed… Effectively expressive….. And yeah darkness can cover everything but the light of hope can lighten the whole world….. Keep smiling and stay blessed…. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
    Sanii…. ❀❀✌✌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “The warmth of the bed staying longer than he did” this was a very powerful phrase..
    “Lights hiding the darkness” you do have a great way work words!

    “He was toxic, I was bliss, he was a drug while I was his medicine” haha.. I’ve been in these depths! Can totally relate to every emotion that triggered this piece of writing!

    Liked by 1 person

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