Don’t Stop

See the lights,

As I walk through the dark

See the silhouettes, as I embark

On a journey that scares me

A journey which will take me

To a place I have never been before

To a place I don’t know

New places, new faces

Some I may like, some I may not

Experiences worth a life

Memories worth a million

Life offers so much to us

But we aren’t ready to see

Beyond the dark,

Beyond our insecurities

People will be jealous

They will envy you

But trust me,

When you have your eyes

Set on your goal

When you have eyes

Only for success

Forget people

Not a single soul will be able to stop you

The light at the end of the tunnel always comes

Keep going.

Don’t stop.

Just keep going..


Me Again

I see him,

Even when he is not there

I feel him,

Even when the air around me stands still

I know his voice

Out of the millions ringing near

I know the design of his face

Even though I’ve never touched it.

His eyes

Tell me stories no one has ever heard

He talks a lot

But I hear what no one else does

He is the popular kid,

I’m the geek.

Everyone knows him,

I don’t think I even know myself.

He can charm anyone,

It takes me time to warm up to someone.

Polar opposites, Two peas of a different pod.

I don’t exist, he thrives,

Is there a future to this tale

Or is it destined to be an eternal flame

That will never distinguish,

But only on one side.

Sparks never flew on the other.

Maybe ten years down the line,

It’ll be different,

I’ll be healed from something that

Never existed in the first place.

I’ll maybe even find myself,

And look back thinking,

Maybe I did deserve better

And will get better

I’ll find love, so great,

This will cease to ever exist again.

I’ll find someone, who’ll make me realize

My potentialities, my strengths

I’ll realize who I used to be


I’ll be me again.

What I Can Do

They call me the quiet one

But when I speak no one listens

They call me the shy one

But when I try, no one notices

They call me insensitive

That’s because once I was asked to not take things

Too seriously.

They say I’m never worried

But once I was in tears because

I couldn’t stop being.

They say I’m not a good friend

That’s because no one lets me trust them without me

Getting hurt.

I am a wallflower

I like staying in the corner

I may not be the life of the party

But I would certainly not like to lose myself

So that others are entertained.

I’m criticized, I’m judged

I live in a world,

Who isn’t that accepting.

I still get up

To face the day

I still don’t stop

Because the night is at bay.

I have a life

That won’t stop because I have feelings.

Its my destiny,

I will design it.

If not me, then who

Will do, what I can do


We Are All Damaged

I can hear the footfalls,

I sit crumpled here.

I can hear the birds flying by,

I feel broken here.

Dawn is approaching, light is coming

All I see is the darkness inflating.

The bulb flickers above,

And so does my heart

He’s standing at the door.

With eyes so sore

Lack of sleep.

Lack of hope.

I hear him move

I back away

But how much further

Can a solid wall take you anyway?

I can now smell his breath.

It reeks of substance I know so well

‘Get up sweetheart, its time for school’

Slurs a voice, which is etched in my mind

I smile up at him, and get out of bed

His eyes unaware of the dark circles

Taken permanent residence under mine

I  feel the smack, I walk away

From his hand, into the halls

The booming laugh, a record tape.

This is my reality, my life

Escaping from it, is like believing in Paradise.

I step out of the house

With a smile plastered on

We are all damaged inside

Just don’t let them see.

Put on a show

And walk onto the stage..


The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Cherylene for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. 

The Versatile Blogger Award is an award given by bloggers to other up-and-coming bloggers. It is designed to encourage new bloggers to keep up the good work and help people to discover new blogs.

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
  • List the rules and display the Versatile Blogger Award logo in your post and/or your blog.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate up to 15 bloggers of your choice and let them know.

Seven facts about me:

  1. I love reading books
  2. I am a horror movie fanatic.
  3. I lived in Dubai for 12 years of my life.
  4. I have a keen interest in photography
  5. I aspire to live in New York City someday
  6. I love writing, and this blog has only increased that love for it even more
  7. I love to travel

I have chosen to nominate some blogs I have not previously nominated. Each of these bloggers brings something unique to their readers that I respect and admire. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage them to continue doing what they do.  We all have something special to offer.

My nominees are:

1.Letters to life

2.Thoughts of Words

3. summer’s blog



Just One Of Those Days

When I’m down

And nothing seems right

The world is against you

Your future is out of sight


Your laugh is fading

You smile is hiding

You stop talking

All you feel like doing is crying

You don’t understand

Its just a day

Not your life

It will pass

Look beyond the tidal waves

See the ship at the horizon

Look on the bright side

Even when some days,

You have to look harder

People try

To bring you down

People try

To only see a frown

You try

To keep your head high

You try

Even if some days you have to lie

Don’t let anyone feel satisfied

With leaving you in this state

Put on a show

Work in silence

Let the success smack them in the face

And that’s how only you are satisfied


These days will come and go

Opportunities won’t

The only thing bigger than fear

Is Regret

So let yourself cry

Sit in silence for a while

Then pick yourself up

And walk for miles

To a place

That is only for you


Life is short

Don’t waste it

After all

It’s just one of those days