Just One Of Those Days

When I’m down

And nothing seems right

The world is against you

Your future is out of sight


Your laugh is fading

You smile is hiding

You stop talking

All you feel like doing is crying

You don’t understand

Its just a day

Not your life

It will pass

Look beyond the tidal waves

See the ship at the horizon

Look on the bright side

Even when some days,

You have to look harder

People try

To bring you down

People try

To only see a frown

You try

To keep your head high

You try

Even if some days you have to lie

Don’t let anyone feel satisfied

With leaving you in this state

Put on a show

Work in silence

Let the success smack them in the face

And that’s how only you are satisfied


These days will come and go

Opportunities won’t

The only thing bigger than fear

Is Regret

So let yourself cry

Sit in silence for a while

Then pick yourself up

And walk for miles

To a place

That is only for you


Life is short

Don’t waste it

After all

It’s just one of those days





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