We Are All Damaged

I can hear the footfalls,

I sit crumpled here.

I can hear the birds flying by,

I feel broken here.

Dawn is approaching, light is coming

All I see is the darkness inflating.

The bulb flickers above,

And so does my heart

He’s standing at the door.

With eyes so sore

Lack of sleep.

Lack of hope.

I hear him move

I back away

But how much further

Can a solid wall take you anyway?

I can now smell his breath.

It reeks of substance I know so well

‘Get up sweetheart, its time for school’

Slurs a voice, which is etched in my mind

I smile up at him, and get out of bed

His eyes unaware of the dark circles

Taken permanent residence under mine

I  feel the smack, I walk away

From his hand, into the halls

The booming laugh, a record tape.

This is my reality, my life

Escaping from it, is like believing in Paradise.

I step out of the house

With a smile plastered on

We are all damaged inside

Just don’t let them see.

Put on a show

And walk onto the stage..



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