What I Can Do

They call me the quiet one

But when I speak no one listens

They call me the shy one

But when I try, no one notices

They call me insensitive

That’s because once I was asked to not take things

Too seriously.

They say I’m never worried

But once I was in tears because

I couldn’t stop being.

They say I’m not a good friend

That’s because no one lets me trust them without me

Getting hurt.

I amย a wallflower

I like staying in the corner

I may not be the life of the party

But I would certainly not like to lose myself

So that others are entertained.

I’m criticized, I’m judged

I live in a world,

Who isn’t that accepting.

I still get up

To face the day

I still don’t stop

Because theย night is at bay.

I have a life

That won’t stop because I have feelings.

Its my destiny,

I will design it.

If not me, then who

Will do, what I can do



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