Maybe we would have worked

Maybe we would have been epic

Our demise was known,

But our beginning, unknown.
We were young

We were naive

Our love was something 

That wouldn’t have survived.
Neither of us tried

To take it far

Neither of us looked 

For a relationship so sour.
All I needed was the love you gave

All you needed was someone to save.
I look down from above,

I see you in grief.

You look up from below,

There was no relief.
Maybe you did love me,

Maybe I just assumed the worst.

But now we’ll never know

What could have been 

Of two souls 

Who were already alone.
It was inevitable. 

It had to happen.

Maybe in another lifetime

We could happen..
Our story already had a predisposed end
Our love was poetry that didn’t have rhythm 

Our love was rap that didn’t have beat

Our love was a wilted flower

Destined to fall.
There’s is a reason why people say

‘Don’t fall in love’

But isn’t it then

That you find someone to catch you.
Maybe next time.

Know that, you’ll always feel me when the wind blows

You’ll hear me in the wind-chimes

So what, if I’m not there.

I see you, I hear you, you feel me, you know to me

It’s all that anyone could ask for 

Wish we knew this kind of love before..


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