One Less Face In The Crowd.

The music is loud

My heart beat louder.
I feel the rhythm 

In my bones

The day is nearing its end

For me it’s just the start.
As I live for the darkness of the night

The cloud of security it provides.
My body moves to the beat

My soul stands still

There are hundreds around me

But no one in sight.
I can’t stop dancing

I’ll get lost in the crowd

What difference does it make?

Am I not already..
Thoughts, images, flashes

Of the past

Worries,nerves, crashes

Into the present.
Mind racing

What I am facing

Life is no more good.

Light outside

Feeling dead inside

The sun rises

It’s a new day.
I’m in crisis

No one realises

Something shining in the dark.
The music is loud

A slit, no sound

There’s something flowing 

It might just be a another glass down

To the people around.

There’s one less face in the crowd..


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