Life Is Beautiful

The warmth feels so good

The fire crackling so rhythmic 

I look up at the starts

Smiling for this moment
My life has been good so far 

Food every day

Death always been a mere step away

Still alive, still breathing

Ever so grateful
Good thoughts creep in

Negative vibes in my kin

I hope to turn their life around

But they don’t find happiness 

In things I do.
Hurdles are prevalent

Worries irrelevant 

My eyes see a silver lining

Oh my! Look at it shining.
You have all the power

Don’t make your life so sour 

You have the ability to hold on, 

Or let it all shatter.

This road where I lay may be rocky
This cold may sting

I am homeless, go on cringe

I love my life, 

That’s what matters.
Dawn approaches

Fire dies down

The border shines bright

My badge reflects its light

I put on my crown

Without a frown

Another day of battle

Another day of war

Life is beautiful 

Even though death may not be far.


9 thoughts on “Life Is Beautiful

  1. Beautiful in form of poem that life is beautiful. Death is not far yet , every moment lived is a treasure and to be enjoyed. Second gone can’t be reverted so don’t leave any regrets. Life will test you but still it’s beautiful because be glad you are paying of your debts timely.
    Life is beautiful superbly crafted..


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