We Are All Alone.

In this universe

We are alone.

Parallel universes may exist,

Other galaxies may consist,

Of life.

But we still are alone.

What the hell,

We are alone on this planet itself

We are born and we die

And we come and go with nothing.

Being your own self is a task

We go about our day putting on a mask

For people we may never meet again

For people who are doing the same.
Real is a myth,

Honesty a sin.
We are living in a reversed world,

Where everyday is Opposite Day.
We smile to hide our sadness,

We interact to fool ourselves,

That we aren’t lonely,

We joke, when we ourselves haven’t laughed

A real laugh, in ages,

We work without,most of the times

Seeing any purpose in it.
Looking at the bigger picture, 

Was this what we were made to do?

Imagine floating in outer space,

No sound, only silence,

Who would we talk to then? 

Would we have survived?

They say humans thrive on interactions

It gives them satisfaction,

But what is the point,

When it’s all lies.
To tell the truth, this world never stops talking

Why don’t we try?

Discover, recover

Yourself, your life.
We are alone in this universe,

But we do have ourselves.


6 thoughts on “We Are All Alone.

  1. “..We are alone in this universe,But we do have ourselves.” Powerful statements, it is very possible to be in a room full of people and yet be alone at the same time. Yet we can be physically alone and not be lonely because we are content and happy within ourselves and therefore don’t need to have other people around to make us feel good. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We go about putting on a mask for people we may never meet again. What’s the point, when it’s all lies.. I’m just in awe with your writing. Let’s discover honesty, ourselves and our life.

    Liked by 1 person

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