Rest Is History

It is 2AM

I have no one to blame

That I feel the same

About the flame

Inside my heart

Tearing me apart,

Each and every part

Of me that loved you.


Monday Blues,

You gave me the clues

I dismissed it as one of those days.

You withdrew

Thought we were taboo,

I didn’t care about what anyone said.


I saw you with her

It was a blur

I thought, “it’s not possible”

You saw, you didn’t care

Came home that night, with no despair

From then on, it was unstoppable.

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The fall to rock bottom

Was fast, like a hunter catching its prey.


We drifted, it was inexorable

The melancholy was present

But you were absent.

My life was headed for doom

I didn’t want to escape this gloom.


I had no where to go,

I didn’t have any place to show,

Love to me

To provide a home to me.


Then that night, I decided,

And left.


Drove for miles,

And the rest is history.


Its 2AM,

I look back,

We had no chemistry,

We had no love,

You were a shadow to my darkness

And I a light to your plight.


We lead lives now,

which are different in many ways.

We will just end up as those stories

That parents warn their kids about,

They know them too well,

But even for them,

Rest is history…










23 thoughts on “Rest Is History

  1. “You were a shadow to my darkness”…what a beautiful poem !! I could totally resonate with it because i have been through something very similar and every word u have written is absolutely meaningful and filled wwith beauty !! im glad i came across such a writer like you !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I found most of your posts was about your heartbreak I really want to write something for so here it comes
    You feel lost
    In the shadow of despair
    Its the loss of that
    Loved one who left
    You there
    Its the one
    Who you wanted
    But one was unlucky
    And took you for
    But now its just
    The phase you got into
    You might like getting
    Killed inside
    But everyone one of us feel
    That once in a while

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