I Still Dance.

The door to my room locked

The stars outside shining.

The music plays

As I sway to the day’s happenings.


We talked after ages today,

You smiled when you saw me,

After ages today.

I couldn’t stop laughing,

After ages today…


I dance and sway to the beat

As the night turns into day,

I get to meet you again today

Hopefully, it’ll be great.


I entered the room,

And you’re there standing next to the window.

You glanced my way,

But swept your gaze away.


I stayed there for a while,

Hoping to catch your eye.

But not once, in those five hours,

Not once,

Did you look my way.


I went home that day,

Consoling myself that this was known,

That this was a prerequisite today.

The minute I stepped in I should have been prepared.


But this heart of mine,

Like all of ours,

Works on hopes and dreams.


It ignores the science behind Alzheimer’s

It ignores the fleeting memory,

It ignores the truth,

That your presence

In their life,

That the past you shared together,

That the life you had,

The midnight dances,

The ice-cream dates,

The beach strolls,

Breakfast in bed,

The trunk of memories

Gone forever…


Still tomorrow,

I will try,

And try again.

Because what happened yesterday,

May happen once again.


So I still dance,

To the beat of your heart,

As we did in the good old days,

Your song, our song,

Still afresh in my mind,

Lost in yours, but is still there somewhere

In the rhythm of your soul

So I dance.


27 thoughts on “I Still Dance.

  1. Hehe hehe I have suffered alone and long πŸ™‚

    But glad now have a life partner a little daughter who occupies my everything.

    But I have come to a point, where I don’t trust anyone, not even myself. So kept going like this.

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  2. I feel really left why I didn’t get any chance to see your blog before I really want to see all of your posts and leave my comment but currently I am traveling so will be posting comments on some of your past posts I love your writing and your blog and I respect your feelings

    Liked by 1 person

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