I Wish It Was Me.

I see you get medals

And hear you garner applause

My achievements, so less

I wish it was me.


I see you happy,

Embracing your mother,

You don’t see my melancholy,

Of the void mine left.

You walk off withย yours,

But I wish it was me.


You got promoted,

You gave out chocolates that day,

You can now buy that car you were worried about,

I still use the bus.

You celebrate, I integrate

My thoughts with the sadness of how

I wish it was me.


You found love,

You are getting married,

You are at the peak of your life.

You rejoice, I make a choice,

I don’t wish to be you.


My life, my goals, My belief,

Are here to provide me with relief

From my stresses, my burdens, my responsibilities,

I know realize my capability.


I grow through the sand I was buried in,

I work towards the spotlight,

Out of the darkness I was pushed into.

I’m almost there, No one can dare,

To stop me now.


I have reached, I’m successful,

But grateful.

For success isn’t this sweet,

Without the bitterness of failure.


I am on top of the world,

With me feet on the ground,

This is the place to be.


You look, with envy in your eyes,

Thinking of what you had left behind

Using all your lies,

To get what you didn’t deserve.


Now you fall apart,

You cannot dart,

Away from the mess you set so immaculately,

Step out of the dirt, your true face revealed,

You look at me, and now I bet,

You wish you were me!





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