Song Of My Life.

I have seen the darkest part of me.

I have dealt with the things no one can see.


I have wars going on inside,

In me permanently resides,

Demons who need refuge,

Goodness that has no place,

Honesty which cannot hide,

Loyalty which I try to subside,

But it comes out,

And I doubt,

It will ever stop.


Darkness shines the brightest,

Light has never seen day.

Welcome to the song of my life,

It isn’t a fairytale.


Dig in deeper, you start to see,

Sights so ugly, Thoughts you will never feel,

Emotions so raw,

And all of my flaws.


I am reservoir of hate and love,

Hating myself, but trying to discover love.

Contrasts so beautifully knotted,

It might look like I have everything sorted.


The day may go by fine.

I even smile once in a while.

But inside me are strings,

Strings that run the puppet show,

The master being the beast I can’t find.


I’m scared to look,

For I may find,

Parts of me, I don’t know,

Parts of me I will never show,

Even to myself.


But you will never really know,

That you eventually reap what you sow,

A lesson I learnt not long ago,

But only now do I feel the blow,


I’ve been an impediment for far too long,

So I’m going to end this with a song.

A song of my tale,

A song of why I failed.

I wish I didn’t have to bail,

I guess we all do.


Goodbye, I say.

As I pick myself up.

Dawn is approaching,

This will have to continue later tonight,

Come on world, I’m ready for another fight!



She’s been your whole life,

You’ve been just a part of hers.

Her love is undivided,

Yours is has to be.


Moms are a ray of hope,

In a sea of darkness.

Moms are sunshine

On a rainy day.

Moms are light,

That bring out your shadows.

Moms are light,

That fight off the same shadows.


They truly are there,

In sickness and health.

They are always by your side,

No matter how you feel, no matter how you felt.


What you eat, what you drink,

They know every thing.

You likes, your choice,

Even what you think.


No matter how old you get,

No matter where you reach in life,

Whenever you feel down,

Or nothing seems to be going right,

There is only one person you can really go to,

And that is your mom.





A Genuine F(r)iend

They latch on to you,

Like moths.

They feed off of you,

Like predators.


Fake people are contagious,

They fill you with poison.

Extract the life out of you,

And then charge you with treason.


They act like innocent souls,

Oh! They could never hurt a bug.

But when it comes down to stepping over others ,towards success,

They do it without batting an eyelash.


Using people,

Is an every day task.

They roam around,

Always with a mask.


No remorse, no regret.

Perfidy, treachery,

In their blood, I bet.


Why do heartless people crush souls of those,

Who always see the good in them,

Don’t they realize, if they hadn’t done this,

We would have took on the world for them.


Friends hurt you the most,

Impair your functioning,

Mar your thinking,

Unbeknownst to them, what damage they have done,

Or knowingly inflicting pain.


Sadism in nature,

Schadenfreude in life.

People like these are barbaric creatures,

They can only stab you with a knife.


Karma is a bitch,

I can guarantee that,

Don’t even switch,

From a personality like that.

Be yourself.


Everyone pays

For the sins they committed.

Everyone pays,

For the lives they played with.

Trust me when I say this,

People like this,

Won’t even catch a glimpse of happiness.

Causing torment to someone,

Will never given them ecstasy.


And if it does,

Well, then they are living in their fantasy..