Song Of My Life.

I have seen the darkest part of me.

I have dealt with the things no one can see.


I have wars going on inside,

In me permanently resides,

Demons who need refuge,

Goodness that has no place,

Honesty which cannot hide,

Loyalty which I try to subside,

But it comes out,

And I doubt,

It will ever stop.


Darkness shines the brightest,

Light has never seen day.

Welcome to the song of my life,

It isn’t a fairytale.


Dig in deeper, you start to see,

Sights so ugly, Thoughts you will never feel,

Emotions so raw,

And all of my flaws.


I am reservoir of hate and love,

Hating myself, but trying to discover love.

Contrasts so beautifully knotted,

It might look like I have everything sorted.


The day may go by fine.

I even smile once in a while.

But inside me are strings,

Strings that run the puppet show,

The master being the beast I can’t find.


I’m scared to look,

For I may find,

Parts of me, I don’t know,

Parts of me I will never show,

Even to myself.


But you will never really know,

That you eventually reap what you sow,

A lesson I learnt not long ago,

But only now do I feel the blow,


I’ve been an impediment for far too long,

So I’m going to end this with a song.

A song of my tale,

A song of why I failed.

I wish I didn’t have to bail,

I guess we all do.


Goodbye, I say.

As I pick myself up.

Dawn is approaching,

This will have to continue later tonight,

Come on world, I’m ready for another fight!



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