Living In A Shadow.

When will be the time,

When I stand under the spotlight.

When will be the time,

That I will not be out of sight.


Throughout my life,

I’ve lived in the shadow,

Of someone else’s spotlight.


Throughout my life,

I’ve never felt good enough,

Never enough.


The world is a nasty place,

It doesn’t even look at you,

If you’ve not done something worthwhile.


Why is life celebrated with so much joy at birth?

Why not as we grow.

Why is it that as we progress in life,

We start devaluing it?


Comparison kills happiness,

Yet I find myself in that position everyday.

The day you feel accomplished,

You see someone else,

And your joy is trampled over.


I feel helpless, ruined,

I feel like giving up.

Life never seems easy,

It never really is.


I don’t know what keeps me going,

I don’t know what it is that I am doing,

All I know,

Is to move forward,

Even as a failure, that’s okay.


No one has all downs and no ups,

Once in a while that smile will turn upside down.


Still in that shadow,

Not giving up.

Gives me an important lesson,

I would never treat anyone that way,

I know what to say.


Stand strong,

It won’t be long now,

Till you find the place you belong.





12 thoughts on “Living In A Shadow.

  1. Loved this..the world is a nasty place if you have not done something worthwhile. And it is a beautiful place vice versa..still in that shadow, nit giving up..πŸ‘


  2. Yeah its an honest and realistic post sometimes we all feel this way even I have posted a poem called” that feeling ” its really helpful when I write about these feelings hope writing helps you to. So keep writing and keep helping your self.

    Liked by 1 person

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