I held you in my hands,

You were crying.

I didn’t know what to do,

So held you tightly.


I had been waiting so long for this day,

This moment ephemeral,

So raw, so real

I have never been so happy before today.


You look into my eyes, and the crying stops,

I see a smile peeking out of that mouth.

I hear a giggle,

The sound so mellifluous.


Your glow under the fluorescent,

You are iridescent,

And then it begins,

The downfall.


I feel your pulse go down,

I see you gain a frown.

I look up to the doctor,

I don’t know what to do.


He takes you from me,

I look up to away,

My love, on the brink of tears.


Silence deafening,

My heartbeat quickening,

But yours a bit questioning.


And then it dies down,

And I’m blown,

To pieces,

To see this fetus,

No more in this world.


We knew this would happen,

But we still hoped,

That the heartbeat would beat,

Would repeat,

But it didn’t.

And we knew it wouldn’t.


I hold her tight,

I don’t want to fight,

I see them taking you away,

But bringing in a hurricane.


There is no life,

In me.

No joy,

To see.

I sit still,

Hearing Her Heartbeat,

Knowing this will just have to be enough.


14 thoughts on “Heartbeat.

  1. I love poems and yours are just so nice to read. Keep it up! Thank you for stopping at my blog and giving a LIKE. I am returning the favour. Have a nice weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

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