The Night Is Still Young.

You and me,

Under the sky.

You and me,

Sitting here, a bit shy.


Our first date,

It was in our fate,

To meet each other.


When we met,

It was an instant click,

How we just knew,

This was the forever kind.


It was an epiphany,

Just how much I had missed till now.

This relationship, though in its infancy,

Makes me ready to take a vow.


Is it possible?

To fall so hard.

Is she my infatuation?

But she feels like salvation.


A lifeboat, saving me from drowning.

A tree, hiding me from heat.

Her laugh, a melody,

I could listen to it on repeat.


Lord, this is love.

I can feel it in my bones.

This girl, what a sight!

I’m no more on my own.


True Love lives on forever,

We are still young.

This is just the start,

But I don’t want to leave you,

Not now, not ever.


This is just the beginning,

The night is still young.

I can’t wait to see what more is to come,

Of this beatific feeling.


I look up at the stars,

And see them for the first time,

I look down at your face,

And I see that beautiful shine.


I strung the music,

You strung my heart.

This night should never end.

I thank the stars for it

That the night is still young.


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