I Just Knew.

Wedding Jitters,

My hands shaking.

I am not a quitter,

Today is the day I am never going to forget.



I get cold feet,

My hands all sweaty.

Will I be able to fulfil her expectations?


I stand here,

Shifting from one feet to another,

As the music starts playing.

God! Its time.


Everyone stands,

I take a step back.

Everyone turns,

I look down.


And then she enters,

And I hear gasps.

I look up, and there she is.

The only one that I have ever loved.

The only one who I will ever love.


Walking down the aisle,

Beaming, her face covered with her smile,

Looking like a dream before my eyes,

And I just knew..


Just knew,

How she makes me smile without trying,

How she knows me in and out,

How my agony subsides by her one touch,

I just knew.

I can never turn back from this woman,

My love, my life.


Later on, tarantism takes over,

And I sweep her onto the dance floor,

Her laughter, bliss to my ears.

It is these minutiae that I adore,

I treasure. That takes over me.


And makes me wonder,

Why did I even think twice?

This feeling surreal, but with her so real.

As dawn approaches, and lights dim down,

People filter out, we move, still afresh.


I just knew from the day I met her,

Things were never going to be the same.

And today, after what seems like an eternity,

Life truly never has been and never will be….


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