La Douleur Exquise.

The day turned bright to dark,

Just as your mood turns from intrigued to stark.


Your silhouette dances in the bare walls of my heart,

Your presence staggering around, on the verge of falling.

Plummeting into a dark hole,

Never to return into my life again.



Love. What a delicate feeling.

How loosely used..

But whenever it was brought up,

You shied away,

I always tried to say,

It was one worth feeling,

You looked at me like I was too innocent,

To understand the profundity of it.


Why did you have to play?

Games in which I had no say?

Of course, I was a fool here,

To think that you loved me when you never said so.


I thought you had an intangible soul,

That you really had it somewhere in you.

The ability to love,

To cherish what you had.

To bequeath all the mistakes in your past,

To move on with me. Anew.


Guess I was wrong, I was naive.

I should have known how deep was this dive,

Only now I realize, how I almost survived.


How I could have been pulled into the darkness,

And could’ve got lost forever.

How could I have thought this was real,

Not some bet made on a whim.


I sit here, crying my eyes out,

For the guy who had someone,

She would have done anything for him.


For the guy who could have been loved,

Had he not took every step in this relationship with hate.


Unrequited love from the start,

Do you know why we were torn apart?

Not the circumstances, but unseen strings of unspoken words,

Are the one to blame.


I sit on the pavement,

Thinking how the death of this reprieved,

Only to be revived, and distorted,

With you now etched into my soul…


Forever is long time,

No one gets it,

But how shattered you have left me,

Makes this untimely event of life,

Seems like an eternity of suffering,


I see no silver lining,

I see no hope.

I keep sitting,

Until I have the tenacity to stand,

And I guess…Move on?




15 thoughts on “La Douleur Exquise.

  1. Powerful, lovely word, moral, and I enjoyed reading. Thank you. Keep posting. Thank you for connecting with me. Hope we will stay and hang in there with our beautiful connection. Read from you soon! Happy Sunday to you! Julie

    Liked by 1 person

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