Hard work trumps talent, they say

Hard work is always rewarded, they say

But what happens when after all that,

You don’t win?


What if you did everything that you could,

Everything that you should,

To get at least a taste of success,

To do everything that you could to impress,

Those around you, and within you,

But it ends up a waste.


It takes skill,

To build on to something great.

It takes the will,

To keep pushing yourself.

But what if you gave all that you had,

And you got nothing back?


Do you still go ahead,

Or stay put.

Do you even want to get out of bed,

To do work that will get you nowhere?


The answer is YES.

Because no one has seen tomorrow,

No one knows what will happen.


Today you failed,

Tomorrow you may fail,

You may have to fall 100 times,

To get up the next.



That’s the key.

No matter the drops, no matter how hard you fall,

Keep moving towards what is your calling.


Life will reward you.

It may be saving you for something even better.

Be positive,

We have only one life to live.

Make the most out of it,.


Keep striving,

Even without achieving,

Keep running,

Even without winning.

Most importantly,

Keep moving,

Just keep improving.




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