Beautiful Tragic

Long walks in the dark,

Polaroids of your scars,

These were some of the crazy things,

Things that we used to be.


Zoo visits, midnight chats,

Laughing about all the cats

We would have in the future,

When there used to be Our future.


Holding hands in the market,

Flowers in my hair,

We were a walking fairytale,

And the world our avid audience.


We were the kind that Wattpad novels were written about,

Now when I look at you, all I see is doubt.

Somewhere along the line, we ceased to exist,

Our love just disappeared into the mist.


That day changed everything,

The day you eyes fell on Her.

I always knew I wasn’t the most beautiful girl you met.

Your presence is what made me feel so, I bet.


Those soft whisperings and small acknowledgements,

Has only led to resentment.

Why did you hold on, when you had to let go?

Why did you smile, when you knew it wasn’t going to last?


Our love affair was a kaleidoscope of colours,

I wish I knew black would come to become

The dominant one.


We were organised chaos,

We were what dreams were made of.

What we had was beautiful,

What we are is tragic.

I guess we will be known as something,

That was beautiful tragic.




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