A Dystopian Freak Show

We live in a world that gloats of democracy,

When in reality everyone truly thrives on hypocrisy.


Settling for mediocrity,

Is nothing new.

When one wants to step out of the boundaries,

They are shut up, with opinions that were never asked.


Too fat,

Too thin,

Look at your hair,

And that double chin.


Shouldn’t you be married by now?

What are you studying?

Why don’t you have a job?

There must be somethig wrong with her!


Mentally ill,

Whispered talks,

Physically ill,

What do we do doc?


You are never good enough,

When you are alive.

She was a beautiful soul,

They say when you die.


People just don’t stop talking,

Giving free advice to those who never asked.

People really don’t bother,

About what that person ends up doing in life.


Other’s success scares everyone,

Others failure enlightens everyone.


There’s nothing wrong with this world,

It’s just humans that need to be taught.


Moral science is treated like a joke,

Even to those teaching it.

Why should only inspirational speeches give you an insight?

Its like no one has any eyesight,

With what all that goes on in this world,

We need to be each others strength,

Not weakness.

Support, not a source of stress.


Working towards humanity,

Is much bigger than working towards a good snapchat,

Or Instagram,

Yet all I see is more dedication for that,

Then for anything else.


The kindness is dying,

It will not be abiding,

To these turbulent times,

And before you know it,

We will be what history books

Are trying to teach.

We will be what everyone warns while saying,

Don’t let the past repeat.


World War III used lightly,

But let me tell you something frankly,

There will come a day,

When human won’t fight against human,

There’s already too much of a rat race.

Cyber Bullying, School Shooting,

Places burning down to ash.

Bombings, Firings,

Everyone behind cash.


If you think something worse is yet to come,

Think again..



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