Good Girl.

We listen to what everyone says,

We don’t speak when not spoken to.


We top in the class,

Not giving ourself a break to celebrate.


We express very little,

Impress almost everyone.


When it comes to us,

Expectations are always met.

When other kids do bad,

We are the idealistic one presented.


Isn’t it good to be good?

What’s bad with that?

Smiling on the outside,

Bursting inside,

For once to let go,

To not care anymore.


You take her for granted,

Thinking she will always take you back..


We put on a play,

Where we are the actor,

Our parents the director,

The society, the audience.


We put on the best show,

Garner lots of applause,

But behind-the-scenes,

All you would see is disapproval.


Do one mistake,

And the whole world is ready,

To tear you down.


I may look fine,

I may seem okay,

But for once,

You have to agree,

Everyone needs a break…







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