Before It Began.

I wait.

1 Hour,

2,3,4 Hours.

Our fourth date, You didn’t call.


I stopped by your house and now….



5,6,7 Days.

I don’t move.

8,9,10 weeks,

I don’t know what to do.


I see.

All the people,

Go about their life,

Doing their work.

As if life isn’t falling apart.


I feel.


More void in me,

Than a black hole could ever contain.

More than anything else can retain.

I had developed feelings,

Thought we were falling in love.

Guess it was up to me to pick myself up,

Because you had fallen ,and now will never get up.


I want…

Who cares?

I wanted some happiness.

I had…

Some hope,

But now,

You lie dead,

I alive.


This love story,

Became unrequited before it could even begin.



9 thoughts on “Before It Began.

    1. Oh wow! Thanks so much!! I’d really love that if people who feel the same way can read such things and realize that they aren’t alone. What is the donate button? I haven’t heard of the concept?


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