Pushing Through

Late Nights,

Early mornings,

All are going to pay-off someday.


Long hauls,

Coffee breaks,

Lack of sleep,

Are going to pave the way.


To success,

To life.

For you to achieve,

What you have always dreamed of.


Those long hours,

With study breaks,

The destination still so far,

Do not give up now.


Motivation fades,

When results are a daze,

Keep working,

This is just a phase.


After dusk comes dawn,

Try to suppress that yawn.

If you give in now,

It all goes to waste.

If you sit down,

And continue on,

You will never have to be in a haste.


You will win,

You will succeed,

You will see light,

In spite of the shadows holding you back.


You will rise in spite of all those pulling you down,

Their malice going down with them.


This animus will help you,

Reform you, Ameliorate you,

Into someone worth hearing about,

Someone worth conversing about.


Your success story will become the inspiration,

Inspiration to someone’s sob story.

Your glory will become the statutory mention,

Anytime victory and triumph is brought up


All you have to do is Push Through now,

To break through and vow,

To never give up again.

All you have to do is allow yourself to move,

Ahead of others, ahead of yourself,

So that when your name is called,

All that’s left to do is

Take a bow…



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