The Best Is Yet To Come.

It takes a moment,

For the world to come crashing down.

But it takes a second,

For you to decide to stay strong.



The daylight brings in a stream of light,

It just takes a few object,

To dim that light.


But once you push those obstacles out of the way,

You will see that ray.


When we hear criticism,

We don’t want to move ahead.

When we face failure,

We wish that we were dead.


But what matters is that you keep going,

Without ever wondering about the ‘why’ and the ‘what ifs’.

Love yourself, and work hard.

Be yourself and you will be proud of your scars.


The best is yet to come,

Don’t you worry.

This time you are ready to become,

The ideal version of yourself.


Insurmountable tasks,

Turn into insignificant details.

Impossible ideas,

Will have logic that entails,

Considerable risks,

Blood,sweat and tears.

But don’t look back,

To tempt your fears,

To catch up with you,

And continue to haunt,

Continue to taunt,

What you used to be.


You are better now,

And its only going to improve from here,

Just remember one thing,

The best is yet to come.





18 thoughts on “The Best Is Yet To Come.

  1. AMEN!!! I love this. I tell myself that everyday, “the best is yet to come”. Powerful, inspirational, beautiful and motivational. Never give up, hold on, the best is yet to come. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this. Hope you have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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