This Too Shall Pass.

Tough times are here,

No where to hide.

Tough times are here,

To scare us, no one to confide.


Being in the dark,

Crying in the corner,

Want to breathe,

But how do I rise, I don’t feel any stronger.


Breathe, Relax,

These terms are not helpful,

You’ll get though, It happens,

Just leaves me feeling resentful.


Cry, and cry some more,

Remember, you are letting out.

This is not a weakness, you are brave,

This is more than just you thought about.


It was worse than expected,

Worse than you imagined,

Life has downfalls,

But I didn’t realize it was a dark hole.


This too shall pass,

They all say.

This is a phase,

Is what they all say.


But life isn’t a movie,

Where struggles pass in a time-lapse.

This isn’t a motivational song,

Where you reach success by the end of it.


You have to take it step-by-step,

You have to face each day as it comes.


You may see progress,

You may face a setback,

You may look back,

And see how far you’ve come,

You may look forward,

And see you’ve moved a step.


This too shall pass,

They all say,

This too shall pass,

Words, to easy to play.


Amazing things are yet ahead,

But first overcome this,

Overcome now,

Beat the hell out of it.


Because how will you cherish the view,

If you didn’t break your back,

Travelling a path that isn’t askew.



Not Your Typical Introvert


I don’t always have my nose buried in a book,

You will not always find me hiding in a nook,

I like talking to people.


This is normal for me,

I’m not unstable.


I don’t have an outgoing best friend,

I may not even be good in studies,

I can be like you,

Addicted to TV,

Addicted to Sleep.


I don’t stay quiet all the time,

“Why are you so quiet”,

A daily chime.

When I talk, it comes as a shock,

When I don’t, you ask why I won’t…



I prefer staying alone,

That’s a given,

But when you isolate me to the bone,

Come on, I’m only human..


What’s wrong in wanting to stay alone?

Whats wrong in wanting to have some tranquility?


Give us a break,

Give me a chance,

Maybe I am someone,

Who you wouldn’t even give a glance,

But once you get to know me,

You would never want to leave.


We have a world of our own,

Which feels too safe and secure to disown,

But reality seems good once in a while,

When you stereotype us,

We don’t want to go that extra mile,

To make an effort, and open up,

Make an effort to show up.


Let us breathe,

Give us space,

We need some time to rejuvenate,

We some need time to create,

To prepare for our next interaction,

To go over every possible scenario,

And come up with a plan of action.


Don’t put us in the club,

Of the ones who don’t talk,

Realize the difference between being quiet,

And being an introvert,

Let me just tell you one thing,

I’m not your typical introvert,

So don’t you dare treat me like dirt.


Last Love.

We all find it special,

When we find our first love.

The first time we feel butterflies,

The first time that sparks fly,

Hold memories for a life time.


The first kiss,

The first date,

The first time you thought,

This was fate.


It gives you experiences,

You’ve never had,

And sadly most of the times,

Heartbreak you never wanted.


But what about that last love,

The love that sticks,

The love that makes you say,

“This is it.”

And the love that actually stays.


It in itself holds a fire,

That will never die out,

Holds happiness,

That you will never doubt.


Being someone’s first love is great,

Being someone’s last,

Is something to celebrate.


This is the one,

That will last all your life.

This is the one,

That will suffice.


So don’t worry,

If you haven’t found it now.

Don’t worry if you are struggling now.


There are plans for you,

Made by the universe.

Your story is set,

It is a curse that is in reverse.


Hold on,

And you will be rewarded,

Stay strong,

You will be regarded.


Bask in the warmth of the present,

Soak in the gift of today,

Wait with patience, as life goes by,

You last love will not be a goodbye…