Not Your Typical Introvert


I don’t always have my nose buried in a book,

You will not always find me hiding in a nook,

I like talking to people.


This is normal for me,

I’m not unstable.


I don’t have an outgoing best friend,

I may not even be good in studies,

I can be like you,

Addicted to TV,

Addicted to Sleep.


I don’t stay quiet all the time,

“Why are you so quiet”,

A daily chime.

When I talk, it comes as a shock,

When I don’t, you ask why I won’t…



I prefer staying alone,

That’s a given,

But when you isolate me to the bone,

Come on, I’m only human..


What’s wrong in wanting to stay alone?

Whats wrong in wanting to have some tranquility?


Give us a break,

Give me a chance,

Maybe I am someone,

Who you wouldn’t even give a glance,

But once you get to know me,

You would never want to leave.


We have a world of our own,

Which feels too safe and secure to disown,

But reality seems good once in a while,

When you stereotype us,

We don’t want to go that extra mile,

To make an effort, and open up,

Make an effort to show up.


Let us breathe,

Give us space,

We need some time to rejuvenate,

We some need time to create,

To prepare for our next interaction,

To go over every possible scenario,

And come up with a plan of action.


Don’t put us in the club,

Of the ones who don’t talk,

Realize the difference between being quiet,

And being an introvert,

Let me just tell you one thing,

I’m not your typical introvert,

So don’t you dare treat me like dirt.



23 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Introvert

  1. I think people should stop thinking of introverts as snobbish and stuck up, and start thinking of us as recharging. Small talk isn’t that important, so we don’t like to spend energy on it unless it’s just in passing.
    Thank you for writing this!

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