This Too Shall Pass.

Tough times are here,

No where to hide.

Tough times are here,

To scare us, no one to confide.


Being in the dark,

Crying in the corner,

Want to breathe,

But how do I rise, I don’t feel any stronger.


Breathe, Relax,

These terms are not helpful,

You’ll get though, It happens,

Just leaves me feeling resentful.


Cry, and cry some more,

Remember, you are letting out.

This is not a weakness, you are brave,

This is more than just you thought about.


It was worse than expected,

Worse than you imagined,

Life has downfalls,

But I didn’t realize it was a dark hole.


This too shall pass,

They all say.

This is a phase,

Is what they all say.


But life isn’t a movie,

Where struggles pass in a time-lapse.

This isn’t a motivational song,

Where you reach success by the end of it.


You have to take it step-by-step,

You have to face each day as it comes.


You may see progress,

You may face a setback,

You may look back,

And see how far you’ve come,

You may look forward,

And see you’ve moved a step.


This too shall pass,

They all say,

This too shall pass,

Words, to easy to play.


Amazing things are yet ahead,

But first overcome this,

Overcome now,

Beat the hell out of it.


Because how will you cherish the view,

If you didn’t break your back,

Travelling a path that isn’t askew.



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