Chaotic Array

I like it when I’m appreciated,

Hate it when I’m not.

I want to be the center of your attention,

But at the same time,

Want to be as insignificant as a dot.



Live Like Its Your Last.

We took a chance,

And played with fire.

We added life to the party,

And did what we desired.


Running through the streets,

In the dark of the night.

Rebel without a cause,

Sprinklers in hand,

It must have been a sight.


Laughter resonating at 3 AM,

Hearts filled with true happiness.

Cause this is the time,

I feel truly blessed.


I look at the people right beside me,

Hair flying, Eyes glowing,

I want to live each day like this,

Feeling as though I was made for flying.


Going places that are restricted,

Doing things that could land us in trouble,

But for the first time I feel,

It was worth it.


Take a risk,

And feel your heartbeat.

The exhilaration is something that make you feel,

Better than following rules.


Let it all go,

And let this sink in.

This is life,

Before it ends, just reel it all in.


A box of memories,

Opened days after forever.

A box of things,

What a joy they can bring.


Say cheese and smile,

In today’s world,

Really, who’s is genuine?

But after a while,

The fake one seems more real,

The real one truly guile.


Photographs, Experiences,

Make us remember life for what it really is.

One reminds you of the happy times,

In the past.

One reminds you of the lessons,

You require for the future.


Polaroids come out in an instant,

That was how fast that moment lasted.

Polaroids are created slowly, but last forever,

Just like friendships we remember.


I press the clicker, to capture the shot,

Delete the bad, keep the good.

Life is really not that simple,

You do have to keep both,

That is how you endure growth.


Candid shots the best ones,

Random plans the best ones.

Isn’t it a surprise how life’s best times,

Are ones you don’t devise?


Paper memories, Paper smiles

Are ones that never falter.

Paper events are all those,

That remain unaltered.


Live life for these instants,

For they last a split second,

Understand the gravity of the situation,

Because they will never repeat.




Going Places

There a pieces of earth,

That are untouched.

There are sights,

That are unseen.


This vast domain in which we live,

Has beauties undescribable.

It has things to offer,

That are unimaginable.


Travel feeds the soul,

It makes you lose yourself,

And find yourself.


Going places,

Seeing faces,

Leaves behind traces to cherish for life.


I am in love with this world,

When I travel, I feel as a free as a bird.

I feel light,

When I am mid-flight.

I feel enlightened,

My future no more darkened.


So come on,

Lets go.

To a place you never know,

Which gives you a reason,

To let it all go…



Let It Rain

When the sky rumbles,

And it all goes dark,

No one likes it,

No one but me..


My smile glows,

Brighter than the lightening,

My heart blooms,

More colourful than the spring flowers outside.


I dance to the tipper-tapper,

I close my eyes to the only feeling,

That truly makes me happy.


I can’t stop, I can’t imagine,

Anything better.


I fell in love, I changed my mind,

I had found something at par,

Maybe even better.


It was all sunshine and rainbows,

Till it was not.

I faced my first heartbreak,

It left behind such an ache,

I looked at everything differently.


Two feelings I appreciated the most,

Now gave me a reason to re-live pain.

Rain poured down,

So did my tears.

Clouds became gloomy,

So did my mood.


Now whenever this weather shows up,

I just remember you,

But that dancing girl still tinkers in my heart,

Bursting out to dance like before,

Smile like before.


But I can’t now,

Not now, not ever.

But in spite of all the sadness,

In spite of the torment,

I cannot help but gleam a little,

Not so worried anymore,

Not so taken anymore.


So let it rain,

And wash away this pain.

Ghost Of Her

Laughter into the night,

Oh! What a beautiful sight.

She makes me complete,

She makes me whole.


We talk about nothing and everything,

We dance around, we sing.

Vinyl records play,

Pizza boxes at bay.


Polaroid shots taken,

Her smile is mistaken,

For something true, for something real.


She is a portrait of innocence,

Is she an evanescence?


Daylight approaches,

And my question is answered.


There lies one glass rather than two,

There lies Polaroids of me,

Me looking happy, me looking at

The ghost of who was,

The ghost of what she is.


Her laugh resonates,

As my eyes fades,

Into the world of slumber,

Oh how I wish, I didn’t remember.