Stay Strong.

People who say things unintentionally are rude,

Those who say things intentionally are mean.

But those who do the latter repeatedly

Are what one would call a bully.


Bullies thrive on putting you down,

They devour the time they see you with a frown.

You may get hurt, that’s a given,

But remember one thing,

Such actions should never be forgiven.


Speak up, break the silence,

They have the audacity till the time you let them.

No one should have a good time at your expense,

You will have to say something in your defense.


It will be hard,

It will take courage,

But the thought of no one else having to go through this,

Should be motivation enough.


Bullies are insecure,

Their sick fantasies are not to be endured.

So stay strong, and fight back,

It need not be an attack

But do throw them off track.


Give them an answer they won’t expect,

That’s when you’ll get respect.

Violence is a sin,

But silence will let it win.


They can’t kill your dreams,

So they assassinate your character.


So keep that smile, and your chin up.

Don’t break down, break through.

Keep wearing your crown, that’s where it belongs.

At the end of the day, they are the clowns.


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