Lost to Found

You have friends,

They are there for you through anything.

They find love,

You are happy for the joy it brings.


You see,

You tease.

They hear all that,

And are so pleased.


Then as time goes by,

And they talk about their someone,

You look into your life,

And realize you have no one.


It’s not that your jealous,

It’s not that it makes you hate them,

It just makes you wonder,

Will you ever fall in love ever again?


You have been hurt in the past,

But don’t want it to cast,

A shadow on your present,

Or make you resent.


As days go by, and you feel lonely,

You see them thrive, they look and feel alive.

You shrink into a corner of racing thoughts,

‘How do I get this feeling to blot?’


Just hold on,

I say to myself,

Stay strong,

Don’t bottle up your feelings, to keep on a shelf.


God has made souls in pairs,

Yours will be someone who you can bear,

Your spirit, your heart, your life to,

And he will definitely be someone,

Who will come out of the blue.


It may all seem dark,

You think of the what’s and the how’s of how to embark,

To reach the light at the end of the tunnel,

You need to filter your feelings through a funnel,

And focus on now.


Be a person so successful,

So compatible,

That when you do find him,

He’s there to bring you joy,

But not to complete you,

Because by then you would have become a person,

Known to only a few.


A person of confidence and integrity,

A self-made portrait, a solo pilot,

The direction of life in your hands,

Not afraid to stand alone and brave the winds,

Of what is to come and what is within.


Be the girl, who is perfect for him,

Be his peace, be his hymn,

Depicting pure light and tranquility.

You would be everything he ever wanted,

Encompassing why he ever doubted,

Every other girl who stayed,

Why you are the only one who serenaded,

His heart, his mind.


Why he was lost,

When his life felt like the Holocaust,

Until he was found,

And at once he knew, for life,

He was bound.





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