I’m Not The Kind Of Girl

I’m not the kind of girl,

Guys fall in love with.

I’m not the kind of girl,

Who can flirt easily,

Or even talk that easily…


I’m not the kind of girl,

Who laughs at everything.

I’m not the kind of girl,

Who always says the right thing.


I’m not the kind of girl,

Who has a happy ending.

I’m not the kind of girl,

Who can make a guy feel like a king…


I’m the one who befriends dark corners,

And shelters tears.

The one who drowns

In the sadness of her own being.


I’m sorry for who I am.

I’m sorry for being.

Sometimes I just wish,

I  was just enough.

I just wish,

I was that kind of girl….





The Person You’ll Never Know

I’m different,

Around different people,

This order of behaviour,

May Change.



I may talk to you like a long lost friend,

Other days,

I stare at you like we never met.


This may cause confusion, and even lead to misunderstandings,

But if you stick with me through it all,

That’s when we will know,

If our relationship was meant to fall,

Or grow.



A name tag used by everyone

And anyone.

Its become one of those words

Like anxiety and depression,

Which everybody relates to,

But will never know the real feeling of,

Until those horrifying feelings,

Take over, latch on,

And never let go.


There are nights when I cry,

About the lonely circle I create,

There are days when,

The people around me, I really do appreciate.


The semblance of normality,

Is put on by all of us,

When the veil falls off,

Who is who, you never know.


This feeling made me miss opportunities,

I’ll never know,

Experience things,

You’d never know.


Somedays, I want this shell to break away,

And a new person to emerge,

Other days,  I would love to retreat back,

And stay the person you’ll never really know.