Paper Hearts

Our heart is what keeps us alive.

What gives is life,


When we see someone we like,

Speeds up like at the end of the race,

When we have that someone,

It slows down as though we have won the race.


This heart of ours, this paper heart.

Can be torn to shreds in seconds,

Only to be recycled with great difficulties.


People come,

Leave their marks in beautiful illustrations.

Then they go,

Burning up the remnants,

Of what was so beautiful before.


This paper heart of mine,

Is no less fragile than glass.

Once broken,

It takes a lot to become whole again.


While heartbreak leaves behind pain,

Pain that is so incomprehensible,

Until really felt.

My hope, that everyone has that one epic love,

Never Dies.


So dear you,

Who is out there somewhere?

Who is meant to be the love of my life,

Please do a good job of mending it.

Mending this paper heart of mine.




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