I’m glad we had that conversation yesterday,

But I’m sorry I blew you off today.

I’m happy we mingled as though old friends yesterday,

But I’m sorry if I behave like a stranger tomorrow.


We share the same interests, we laugh at the same things,

We have the same reaction to all the weird things.

But there are times when it dawns on me.

How close to a relationship, a friendship, we get,

I draw back ten steps, forcing myself to forget,

About all the times we were together,

Of all the thoughts I had about you.


I’m sorry I’m like this,

I’m sorry I don’t live up to the person you expect.

My mind goes into overdrive,

Imagining all the possible scenarios,

That when I see you the next day,

I don’t even know what to say.


Saying that I’m shy-isn’t reason enough,

Saying I’m not used to talking this much-sounds like an excuse,

But believe me when I say this,

You are the closest to real,

I have had.

The closest to raw,

I can ever get.


It depends on my state of mind,

The next time I see you,

Whether I’ll be overjoyed or downcast.

But know one thing for sure,

The moments that we had,

Will hold a place in my heart, forever to last.



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